Magic Pills UK Premiere, School of Pharmacy, April 27th, 2018

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January 29, 2018
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May 26, 2018

Reprinted from Homeopathy Worked For Me

Written by Gill Graham

If you are part of the homeopathic community, either as a homeopath or as a patient, you will no doubt be aware that the cutting-edge film, Magic Pills, produced and directed by Ananda More, had its debut performance in London, on Friday. Social Media has been flooded with coverage of the event, which was a high-quality, trailblazing start to The Society of Homeopaths conference and AGM; and did, in my opinion, set the tone for an excellent weekend all round, of high quality presentations and a wonderful eclectic gathering of the world wide homeopathic community.

The event took place in an auditorium at the School of Pharmacy and was attended by over 160 guests. It was clear that many people had made a real effort to attend; it attracted world-wide attention, also, beautifully merging homeopaths from various registering bodies in the UK. Mark Taylor, the Society of Homeopath’s Chief Executive, introduced the event, thanking Ananda for coming and Marcus Christo for helping to facilitate.

Having seen the movie many times, I was not prepared for how I would feel seeing it on ‘the big screen.’ In short, I was moved by the atmosphere and impressed by the quality and professionalism of the production, certainly on a par with major film productions anywhere in the world. The content of film has been discussed and reviewed before so if you would like more details and an analysis of the film read the full review here:

A question and answer session with Dr Alison Fixsen, the Society’s Research Consultant and Ananda followed, which raised interesting points and stimulating discussion. Ananda went on to discuss how to host a screening, details here: and has generously offered 20% of the profits to be donated towards the Judicial Review, that Cristal Sumner, Chief Executive of the British Homeopathic Association is organising. Please also donate if you can:

Other issues of major importance were discussed, namely the Australian Report and how they desperately need our support, so please sign the petition and circulate! It is vital to us all, as homeopaths and serious health professionals.

Funding and support is also needed for Camilla and Jeremy Sherr’s Homeopathy for Health in Africa Project. They are raising money to buy a CD4- and Viral Load machines to be able to do better data-collection for their AIDS-results:

The many organisations above that need help were discussed at The UK Premiere as they affect us all, our credibility and our livelihoods, also, our ability to create a heathier world, so please don’t feel overwhelmed by the pleas for support, just do what you can and share where you can. It is seriously for the greater good.

In short, Magic Pills, with its dynamic, balanced, honest content, set the tone for the entire weekend, which was inspirational and uplifting. The themes set out in the film are those of unity, integration and working together; it inspires balance, fairness and justice and ultimately recognition for a system of medicine which is overwhelmingly impressive, and yes, at times, ‘magic’ in its healing potential.


  1. Linda Skrolys says:

    I have always been on the fence and preferred naturopathy for my own and my families health , I now see however that even naturopaths can load us up with lots to swallow and I’m now interested in moving to a more subtle , more in tune with letting my immune system do the work it was designed to do . We are so used to thinking we have some sort of deficiency . Thankyou for your hard word in helping us see the wonder of Homeopothy and how it may actually help us save ourselves and the next generation .

    • Ananda says:

      Thanks Linda for your comments, homeopathy can provide a very different level of care.

  2. Hi guys where cam i get a copy of the magic pills film please?
    Thank you
    Son with chronic fatigue 2 years hasn’t worked. Looking to try find out what therapy can help him. Thank you

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