Vermont - Another Win for Homeopathy, and Health Choice Freedom

February 16, 2020
Gill Graham in News

This article was written several months ago, but highlights how persistence pays off and how important it is for those who believe in freedom of choice in medicine and ultimately justice, have a right to be heard.

The current trend to denigrate homeopathy and other CAM therapies continues. Governing bodies seem determined to undermine any research and vast evidence base, invariably, because these therapies do not fit into the conventional paradigm, making it more difficult to gauge efficacy. A prime example of this can be found in a situation which occurred a year or so ago in Vermont, where underhand tactics were employed in an attempt to remove homeopathy as an option for medical treatment via the naturopathic community and otherwise.

The tiny Green Mountain State of Vermont licenses medical, naturopathic and chiropractic doctors alike and all can serve in primary care; it is clearly wonderful for patients to have these options. Maybe this would account for Vermont being consistently recognized as one of the nation’s healthiest states?! Recently however, a bill regarding homeopathy and the recommendation that it be outlawed from practice in Vermont, was issued.

The bill was written focussing on naturopathic doctors and how they should no longer include homeopathy in their practice, the objective of the bill being to totally eradicate it. An e-mail, issued by one of the top attorneys in the state was leaked/flagged up by a concerned individual who recognised that it was blatantly false in its wording and written by someone who clearly knew nothing about the efficacy and success of homeopathic treatment, both empirically and through thousands of research trials. For interest, I include part of this e-mail:

‘Homeopathic medicines have no preventative or therapeutic utility.  At best

they are a placebo.  At worst they are health-care fraud.  Many providers find that statutory ties to a notorious form of quackery insult their profession and undermine efforts to develop ND’s as evidence-based health-science practitioners…. Homeopathy is a vestige of a different time, when NDs were not broadly considered a part of the science-based, integrated healthcare system…’ And so, it goes on. The author of this e-mail has evidently absolutely no experience of homeopathy, nor is he aware of the vast amount of research undertaken and achieved: and He is, frankly, wrong, misinformed and would benefit by being further educated before making outrageous claims such as the above.

Subsequently, action was taken by many concerned and furious citizens of the state in the form of phone calls and letters written and within 48 hours the bill was quashed, voices were heard and the entire legislation was sent back to the drawing board.  This particular bill is no longer a threat, for the time being, but it serves to show how underhand and manipulative certain government organisations can be and how ignorance, deceit and pure misinformation can be overcome by an overwhelming and passionate desire for justice.

In talking to Jennifer Stella, a Vermont microbiologist and homeopath who runs the grassroots group ‘Health Choice Vermont’ and is instrumental in advocating for patient choice, she stated:

‘Together, we can make a difference. If you find your voice and your courage and take the time to educate your lawmakers and others, you truly can make a difference.’

Clearly this has been the case. Stella adds: ‘The Naturopathic Physicians and the consumer community at large had been taken totally off guard with this bad legislation. It seemed almost impossible at first, but people came through and spoke up, and they were heard. It was beautiful. In the end, we were even able to turn the whole thing into opportunity to give a short tutorial on homeopathy to the legislative committee.’

Mary Bryant giving testimony

Mary Bryant giving testimony

Well done to the concerned citizens of Vermont. This is yet another victory for homeopathy and the right for patients to choose which system of medicine is best for them.  I would add, that this is justice in action and it is once more a joy to witness.

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