Jeremy Sherr, Africa, and Epidemics

The Line Up at the Legendary Banerji Clinic
February 11, 2016
Attack of the Killer Pseudoskeptics
February 21, 2016

This video comes from an extensive interview I did with Jeremy Sherr, Master Homeopath and founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA)

Homeopathy for Health in Africa, or HHA, is an organization started by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr in Tanzania whose goal was to address the AIDS epidemic with homeopathy. Before coming to Tanzania I had heard Jeremy and Camilla talk about their extraordinary success rates, but I didn’t really believe it. After observing clinic after clinic – in locations varying from hospitals to isolated Masai villages, I have to say I was in awe! Person after person came in for their follow up appointments feeling significantly better. Able to return to work and reclaim their lives. I only recall 2 people from my time there who did not fare so well. After their initial improvement there followed a significant deterioration of their condition. Both people deteriorated after receiving powerful allopathic medication against amoebas. I don’t want to suggest that all allopathic medications had this effect. In fact many people undergoing homeopathic treatment are concurrently on ARVs (antiretroviral medication) and a significant percentage of them are experiencing ARV failure. There are generally only 2 lines of ARVs available to the majority of Tanzanians. Once those stop working they do not have many options left. They are finding that homeopathy works very well when prescribed for these patients.

HHA often works in conjunction with doctors at major hospitals so many patients are well monitored. However they are the only healthcare workers that reach very remote Masai villages. They not only bring homeopathy to these communities, but health education, and glasses to help people see.

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  1. dace says:

    Horrendous situation where the completely non-medically trained and qualified “play doctors” with those who may or may not have AIDS (not being Drs, they have no way of knowing of course). Obviously treating a real medical condition with nothing more than water/sugar is about as unethical as it gets. But then who in Tanzania can afford to sue them when they kill someone?

    The morally corrupt face of fake white Drs exploiting a developing black population belongs to a time 200 years ago, when even then they knew homeopathy was fake.

    • Ananda says:

      Hi Dace,
      I’m sorry to inform you that your comments are based in complete ignorance as to the work and the project that is going on in Tanzania.

      First, not all the homeopaths are white nor foreign. There are a growing group of local homeopaths being trained. Second the homeopaths are working closely with doctors. Some of their clinics are based within hospitals.

      Much of the work we observed was associated with a study. All the people involved in the study have received an AIDS diagnosis from Medical Doctors, and they have exhausted their options within the allopathic model. Within the study all patients are considered to have reached ARV (Antiretroviral) failure. With at the most only 2 lines of medication available to the majority of Tanzanians, these are people who have run out of options. Blood work continues throughout the study and patients are not taken off of ARVs. What the study is looking at is whether homeopathy can help extend the effectiveness of ARVs.

      The day I observed follow ups at the hospital for the study, I saw all but one person have extraordinary improvement of their condition. This included a subjective self-evaluation by the participants as well as lab analysis including CD4 counts, white blood cell counts, and viral load. What do I mean by improvement? I mean single mothers able to return to work in the fields and feed their starving children. A patient whose Kaposi sarcoma was completely healed. People’s energy returned, their nightmares disappeared, and able to join society.

      I think it’s time people stopped using derogatory language to discuss issues they are not adequately familiar with in order to comment from an educated perspective. Thank you Dace for giving us a wonderful example of the blatant ignorance based discrimination homeopaths face on a daily basis.

  2. Rebekah Paparella says:

    Please do inform yourself as to the details of this work being done in Tanzania, before you project your uninformed disdain toward these capable, dedicated, and heroic homeopathic physicians. That which you describe is in fact the exact opposite of what is going on there.

  3. Take That, Medicine says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    The text of this entry in your blog goes as far as to suggest that homeopathy helps patients with AIDS, except if they happen to have taken ‘powerful allopathic medication’.

    Given that, as you probably know, prophylactic measures and the timely prescription of correct medication for HIV and its related conditions is vital to improve the health of patients, slow the progression of the disease and minimise its contagious potential, I find that not only your suggestion is unsupported by scientific evidence, but also that it is offensive, and morally and ethically unacceptable. The lives and wellbeing of millions of HIV patients in Africa and elsewhere could be posed at risk were they to follow the implicit advice you are disseminating, knowingly or not. For this reason alone I also think that these claims should be subject of investigations for misconduct.

    Therefore, I would kindly request that you reconsider the assertions that you have made that could lead to unnecessary harm to patients.

    Kind Regards

    • Ananda says:

      Thank you for your comments. And I took what you said to heart and have amended the above article. I would like to point out that I specifically meant that amoeba medication was having severely detrimental effects.

      I am also assuming that you are medical professional that is convinced homeopathy could not possibly work nor provide appropriate care. I do challenge those assumed assumptions and bring you to the thesis of my work, which is that there is a growing amount of evidence in the scientific literature to defend the homeopathic paradigm that is being suppressed by the medical and scientific establishment. In fact recent work shows that there does appear to be something in ultra-molecular dilutions. I encourage you to read my post on nanoparticles, look up Roberth Mathie’s research, and examine the Homeopathic Research Institute’s website for further clarification and examination of the actual science that is out there and how it compares to the often dubious science used to defend the opposite perspective.

    • Luckie says:

      The expstriee shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  4. masennus says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Jeremy Sherr, Africa,
    and Epidemics – Magic Pills Movie <Liked it!

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