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May 26, 2013
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Welcome to our new website.​

This documentary has been in the works for the past 2 years. In that time it has gained a great amount of momentum and support. I am very excited to begin a new collaboration with Mehernaz Lentin of Industry Pictures.

In Canada the homeopathic debate is really heating up. The recent coverage on CBC Radio and the Globe and Mail portrays homeopathy as dangerous pseudo-science and a reason for vaccination rates going down across the country. They claim that there is no evidence to support homeopathic prophylaxis, but there appears to be some very compelling evidence to support the notion. If one closely examines the work of the Finlay Institute in Cuba, the massive size of the study and the following experience in Cuba with continued HP campaigns seems to tell a different story which I think the skeptics too easily brush aside. The Globe and Mail article is full of misinformation about the HP intervention. Stating that that rates of leptospirosis went down right as they were expected to according to annual patterns is outright misleading. The fact is that there were outstanding circumstances at the time – widespread flooding and an ever growing exposure to the bacteria. Also it is interesting to note that incidence of the disease went to below historical rates and stayed there for several years. ​

Cubans continue investing in homeopathic research. I’m heading to Spain this week where I hope to learn more about current research in Cuba and around the world at the HRI Research Conference . Dr. Gustavo Bracho, who you met in my video, will be presenting and I’ll be attending with difficult questions. I am especially confused around theories explaining the mechanism of homeopathy as a product of nano particles present in homeopathic dilutions, so I’m looking forward to hearing what Dr. Iris Bell has to say on the matter. Hoping to have some fantastic interviews to show on my return.

Picture by Moyan Brenn

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