Sources of Arsenic in Your Food That You May Not Know About

December 10, 2020
Ananda More Ananda More

Arsenic is a ubiquitous metal that has infiltrated our environment and food. It can easily build up in our body tissues. One of the main pathways for eliminating Arsenic is through methylation, and many people have a reduced capacity for this biochemical process. It is possible that children may also have a lower capacity for methylation.

The Dangers:

Foods and Beverages that Contain Arsenic:

Alcoholic beverages like beer and wine: Not only can beer and wine have high levels of arsenic, they also interfere with the metabolic processes to eliminate it. Having 2.5 beers a day can increase your arsenic levels by 30% Wine can contain up to 23.3 parts per billion of arsenic, which is 13 ppb higher than the healthy limit of 10 ppb

Brussels Sproutsarsenic binds to sulphur compounds found in Brussel Sprouts

Rice - Rice absorbs more arsenic than any other grain, and brown rice is more highly contaminated than white rice. There are cooking methods that reduce the amount of arsenic in your rice.

Apple and Pear JuiceAccording to consumer reports and dr. Oz many brands have been found to have high levels of arsenic, exceeding what is considered safe in drinking water – 10ppb.

Drinking Wateryou may think it’s safe but many municipal water systems have been found to contain and well water can also contain arsenic.

Body toxin chart

This is a reason I believe ongoing detox can be so valuable in keeping us healthy. It's hard to live life constantly on the lookout for exposure to toxins, and even harder to actually limit exposure. I also work with a lot of patients who have methylation disorders and they need added support when working with homeopathy to reduce aggravations and support the healing process. This is why I've introduced Pure Body Extra Strength as part of my family's daily routine and my patients. This Nano-zeolite actually moves into the body's tissues to remove heavy metals like arsenic as well as other toxins.


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