Jeremy Sherr, Africa, and Epidemics

February 18, 2016
Ananda More Ananda More

This video comes from an extensive interview I did with Jeremy Sherr, Master Homeopath and founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA)

Homeopathy for Health in Africa, or HHA, is an organization started by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr in Tanzania whose goal was to address the AIDS epidemic with homeopathy. Before coming to Tanzania I had heard Jeremy and Camilla talk about their extraordinary success rates, but I didn't really believe it. After observing clinic after clinic - in locations varying from hospitals to isolated Masai villages, I have to say I was in awe! Person after person came in for their follow up appointments feeling significantly better. Able to return to work and reclaim their lives. I only recall 2 people from my time there who did not fare so well. After their initial improvement there followed a significant deterioration of their condition. Both people deteriorated after receiving powerful allopathic medication against amoebas. I don't want to suggest that all allopathic medications had this effect. In fact many people undergoing homeopathic treatment are concurrently on ARVs (antiretroviral medication) and a significant percentage of them are experiencing ARV failure. There are generally only 2 lines of ARVs available to the majority of Tanzanians. Once those stop working they do not have many options left. They are finding that homeopathy works very well when prescribed for these patients.

HHA often works in conjunction with doctors at major hospitals so many patients are well monitored. However they are the only healthcare workers that reach very remote Masai villages. They not only bring homeopathy to these communities, but health education, and glasses to help people see.

Magic Pills interviews Jeremy Sherr

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