Dr Bellare's electron microscope

Dr. Jayesh Bellare’s Electron Microscope and its Implications for Homeopathy

February 2, 2016
Ananda More Ananda More

Could this new evidence possibly provide a material explanation for the mechanism of homeopathy?

When a study titled Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: nanoparticulate perspective In the Journal Homeopathy, it garnered a lot of excitement in the homeopathic community. Could this new evidence possibly provide a material explanation for the mechanism of homeopathy? It certainly has brought a whole new perspective on the matter.

I decided to go find out for myself what all the noise was about. And Dr. Jayesh Bellare, one of the authors of the study and a professor of chemical engineering, graciously allowed us to come visit him at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – India’s top university. When we arrived on the campus we were thoroughly checked by campus security and given special permits to enter, they don’t let just anyone in. Once inside the enormous campus is gorgeous, peaceful, full of greenery, and wildlife including panthers, leopards, and crocodiles – enter at your own risk.

Dr Bellare's electron microscope

Dr. Bellare is an expert in the field of nano-medicine, and the vast majority of his work has nothing to do with homeopathy or even alternative medicine. He is in a unique situation in that he has constant access to an electron microscope, something very few people in the world can say. Thanks to unfettered access he’s been able to look at homeopathic remedies under a microscope, and he’s done this hundreds of times.

I know you want to know what he discovered, but first let me tell you about Avogadro’s number, one of the basic tenets of chemistry. According to Avogadro’s number there can be absolutely no molecules of the original substance in a homeopathic remedy potentized above a 12C. So I’m guessing you’ve figured out what he found, yup nanoparticles!!! And not just any nanoparticles, but nanoparticles of the starting material, while they found almost no traces of contamination. The remedy they started with was Aurum Metallicum, AKA gold. They have seen nanoparticles over and over again in potencies up to 10M. Their theory as to this newly discovered phenomenon was published in 2012 in the respected chemical research journal Langmuir, published by the American Chemistry Society. Unfortunately according to Dr. Bellare, this acted as a vaccination against future publication of his and his students work in this topic.

Meeting with Dr. Bellare I learned that he had no previous interest in homeopathy. He’s never even taken a dose of arnica. He decided to undertake the study on the suggestion of a friend. He had no idea about the rabbit hole he had just fallen into. He was to learn that for the first time scientific journals refused to publish his studies, giving him ridiculous excuses of which he’s never experienced in his illustrious career, you can find 66 published studies under his name on Pubmed search, he’s pretty clear by now on what a good study that should pass peer review looks like. He told me that the studies weren’t even getting past the editors desk to actually go to the peer review process, the word homeopathy in the title leads to an automatic rejection.

Here are links to the published studies:



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